Employee Engagement & Happiness at Workplace


Many fall into a mistake for trying achieving to the best employee happiness through curtain unqualified engagement factors that are not measurable and doesn't each individual needs. Everyone of us has its own needs, requirements and expectations to reach to our peak. To do so, we need to implement the right fit method of strategies and best practices. 

Employee Engagement and Happiness is not a Station, it's a Journey; It's not a tool, its a methodology; It's not for Now, it's for Future; It's not a Luxury, It's a Necessity 


Full Overview 360 Module on Technical, Compensation  and Leadership 


Effective Implementation of "DADA" Model and Framework


Understanding the 33 Factors of Human and Employee Engagement at Workplace 


Discover the Magic Spot to Achieve Unique and Outstanding Performance 


Employee Engagment starts from Day 1 as full cycle of employee experience towards succession planning 

Gray Simple Cycle Diagram Chart.png

Employee & Workforce Engagement in UAE are Disengaged by 85% 



The 2 days Employee Happiness Masterclass is designed for those wishing to develop their understanding of best practice disciplines, tools and frameworks being used successfully in Employee Engagement and Experience around the globe. Designed by Fahad Khalaf, world HR and Business Excellence expert, all graduates of the course will be given case studies, exercises and stories that bring to life the skills needed to succeed as an Employee Happiness Practitioner