Employee Engagement & Happiness


Why employee happiness is important to you & organizations? 

  • Increases Organizational Revenue and Performance 

  • Reduces Turnover and Increase Retention 

  • Reduces Operational Cost and Recoveries 

  • Cost Saving on Hiring, Re-hiring and Replacements 

  • Save time, money and Free Hassle 

  • Creates Innovative Working Environment 

  • Employer of Choice and Best Employee Branding 

  • Get Rewarded by International Business Excellency Awards 

What makes this masterclass unique? 

  • Based on real life scenarios and practices far away from theories 

  • Upon Scientific and Phycology Researches 

  • Engaging masterclass based on the "Educational Gaming" methodology 

  • Includes many real-life case studies, assignments and practices 


Recommended Target audience: 

Line managers, Business leaders, HR managers, HR Business Partners, Team leaders, Future Leaders, Business Heads, Stakeholders, Project managers 


The 2 days Employee Happiness Masterclass is designed for those wishing to develop their understanding of best practice disciplines, tools and frameworks being used successfully in Employee Engagement and Experience around the globe. Designed by Fahad Khalaf, world HR and Business Excellence expert, all graduates of the course will be given case studies, exercises and stories that bring to life the skills needed to succeed as an Employee Happiness Practitioner 

Your People, Your Power 

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