Coaching and Leadership 

Its your time to scale up 


Why developing a Coaching culture within your team is important to the workforce and growth of your business: 

  • Reduce Stress & Burnout 

  • Increase Productivity ​

  • Achieve Customer Satisfaction 

  • Reduce Mental Health Issues 

  • And much more... 

Extending traditional training methods to include a focus on an individual's needs and accomplishments, close observation, and impartial and non-judgmental feedback on performance. Coaching & Mentoring will help you and your organization in achieving outstanding results with minimal resources and cost. 

Not every trained coach is an accredited coach. Not every certified coach is an accredited coach. However, not necessarily every accredited coach has to be trained or certified. 


Looking to get Accredited, earn your Credentials, and demonstrate your high level of expertise in the industry, here are some details for your reference: 

Two Routes to Your Professional Accreditation:

1. Accredited Training Provider Course Route (ATPCR) – This route is open to coaches and mentors who have attended and successfully completed a course with one of our accredited training providers.  A list of our accredited training providers can be found here.

2. Portfolio Route – This route is all-inclusive for coaches and mentors who have not successfully completed an IAPC&M accredited course.

Verification Process: 

Accreditation is valid for three years provided your annual renewal fee is maintained. Every three years all our accredited coaches and mentors complete our verification process to ensure that they continue to uphold the standards required by the IAPC&M.

Disclaimer: The accredited process is held by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (UK). To know more, click here 

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