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Many fall into a mistake for trying achieving to the best employee happiness through curtain unqualified engagement factors that are not measurable and doesn't each individual needs. Everyone of us has its own needs, requirements and expectations to reach to our peak. To do so, we need to implement the right fit method of strategies and best practices. 


  • Employee Engagement and Happiness is not a Station, it's a Journey 

  • It's not a tool, its a methodology 

  • It's not for Now, it's for Future 

  • It's not a Luxury, It's a Necessity 

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About Fahad Khalaf 

Fahad and known by Coach Fahad is working with Small and Medium Enterprises in developing the right Employee Engagement practices that will lead to Employee Happiness. Mean, increase in productivity, reduce operational cost and build an effective employee branding in the industry. 

Fahad has over 19 years of experience in different industries, functions and regions. With his combined experience, he was able to deliver an outstanding results that impacted positivity the business outcomes. 

Fahad is also Accredited Master Coach by IAPC&M, Certified Harrison Assessment and Thought-leader in HR. 

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