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Employee Engagement Principles

These are not your typical employee engagement factors. These factors are based on intensive phycological research done for the last couple of years and certified by leading organization with proven positive outcomes. Humans are complicated especially when you are dealing with the mental health and phycology aspects. These factors had shown the overall human needs, expectations, and triggers to move forward 

DADA Model

DADA Model

Employee Engagement & Happiness Framework 

  • Define the engagement and happiness factors (the 33 factors) 

  • Analyze the 33 factors based on durability upon limitations and capabilities 

  • Designing and developing action plans 

  • Keeping words into actions and continues support and modifications 

The Magic Spot (EX) 

Finding the magic spot is not easy especially when you don't have the resources, knowledge, and cooperation. Understanding an individual's needs, expectations and motivational triggers could be one of the main challenges that organizations face. Embed these needs within the organization and empowering the systems, leadership, and culture is another challenge on its own. Empowering is not only providing authority and space of freedom, however, ....

Employee Engagement Statistics (UAE) 

Employee Engagement UAE Statistics: 

  • Do you know that 84% of UAE workforce are disengaged? ​

  • Do you know that 73% of US workforce are disengaged? 

  • Do you know that disengaged employees will cost your business by 33% in direct and indirect financial loss? Estimated of +450 Billion... 

  • 37% of employees leave your organization because of line managers and culture for the same compensation... 

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My Chapter: 

A young person’s guide to career success

A free handbook for students, to help them on a journey of self-discovery independence and career success 

When we don’t know what the jobs of the future will look like, it feels almost impossible to know what our place will be in the workplace – let alone to know what it takes to be successful.


So how can we make good decisions for our future? Or grasp the skills and behaviours which will not just be needed, but expected from us at work? It can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be.


The Possibilities Project is the ultimate handbook that’s here to help you on your journey of self-discovery, independence and career success. Drawing on the experiences of some of the brightest minds in the UAE, and beyond, this is your one-stop-shop for career-readiness and wellbeing.



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