Tripe Your Business Performance & Revenue with ZERO Cost 

Workforce Engagement, Leadership and Talent Development 


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Coach Fahad 

Workforce Engagement Thought-Leaders 

Workforce Engagement, Leadership and Talent Development 

I work with Small & Medium Enterprises who want to triple their business performance and generate revenue at the minimum cost almost ZERO 

Utilizing your existing resourcing, talents and capabilities to transform them into business making machine. All the following topics and fancy terminologies are all under the Workforce Engagement umbrella such as: Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, Employee Happiness. So, you will be getting the full cake not the small bite 

Don't get fooled with terminologies, get the value, outcomes, fix your problems and get high ROI 



1st. kind of 2 days Masterclass that is accredited and recognized by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M) based on Neuroscience, physiology studies and researches. 


Understanding Employee Engagement, Employee Experience and Employee Advocacy factors and concept to ensure you achieve high performance business performance 

Employee Happiness is long-term strategy not for a moment. If you want your employees to be happy for the moment, buy them an Ice-Cream. 


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