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Employee Experience Principles (EX)

There is no 1 medicine that will cure every illness and no 1 medicine will cure particular illness that will work for everyone. Also, building vehicles backbone or basics won’t be different if the car was manufactured in China, German or even USA. They will have difference in features and specifications, but they won’t disagree on building the vehicle principles.

The vehicle will need Chassis, Engine, Transmission, Wheels and driver seats to run, however it can run without air condition, windows, mirrors and other related kits. Not having seat belt won’t stop the vehicle from running but it will consider a high risk and safety factor that might lead to possible damages.

What I’m trying to refer to is that regardless what you do during the employee experience process, you need to keep in mind basics and principles that are required whenever you are willing to implement an employee experience strategy. And here are the principles and basics: Delivery Method, Factors, Why’s and Steps. Without these principles, you won’t have positive employee experience strategy.

2 Delivery Methods

Who is responsible of delivering the strategy either the system, human resources department or leadership?

3 Factors that effect the EX

What are the 3 factors that create the right EX strategy? Is it the employee, system or leadership?

Why you should consider EX

Anything you do in life especially when it comes to business, it should have a reason and ROI on what you do. Are we doing it just for fun or for genuine reasons. Is it for sustainable business, customer happiness, employee happiness or to get recognized by any of the International Awards?

6 Steps while implementing your EX

There are 6 steps you need to keep in mind whenever you are implementing EX strategy. The steps are very simple, and it starts from Gather the right information ends to monitoring the performance. Then, what you will do it is a positive or negative result.

It is the time to take a break and rethink on how you are handling your EX strategy. It is not only about the employee, its about sustaining your business at the minimum cost if not ZERO additional cost.

I formed this article in a way for your to rethink by asking important questions that could trigger aspects for your to start an effective Employee Experience Strategy. Let me know what do you think?

If you are looking for more details or willing to restructure your EX practices, feel free to contact me for further discussion. I conducted several Employee Experience Masterclasses that support organization to overcomes their problems, challenges and increase their employees’ performance by 13% with NO additional cost. For more details, click the below link.


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