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4 Steps to Achieve Employee Engagement ROI, The DADA steps

Employee engagement has been and will be one of the most important topics in the human race. As I have said for the last 3 years, employee engagement is a human desire. I will not talk about the factors and what really triggers the employee’s engagement at this blog. Sure, I will be publishing this section in the upcoming days. Many cannot find out the steps on how to start measuring employee engagement from scratch. If you are using a tool that will be good and time-saving. If you do not have any tools or resources, then here are some steps that will help you. I called these steps “DADA”.

DADA is a short form of Define, Analyze, Develop, and Action. Anything we do in our life should be always get defined. Another statement as all of us knows refers to “if you can’t measure it, you can’t develop it”. Within the define step, it is not always defining the technical aspects of the work and the employee’s technical requirements. In every job, there will be experience, skills and competencies, qualifications, and personality aspects. The same happens with defining the engagement factors of the employees not only from the technical side but, also from skills and behavioral elements. There are 33 factors of employee engagement factors categorized into 8 categories.

After defining the engagement desire of the employees, then you must analyze them based on your business and organization's limitations. Not every employee’s needs and desires can be met due to the company's restrictions and limitations. In this step, there are 2 routes, and every route will have 2 additional routes. In most cases, you will only need to take 1 route and sometimes you will only 1 route within the 1 route that is available to you.

Then, you will start developing these plans either from a small micro-level or go big at the macro level. It all depends on the nature of work, the company’s limitations, and leadership adaptation. After developing the necessary plans, the Action step comes to light. The action step is one of the important and difficult steps as it will require a lot of inner changes, cooperation, adaptation, and follow-ups. Many organizations have one of the best plans in the entire universe but when it comes to the execution, they fail, or the outcomes do not meet the initial plans on paper in huge differences or gaps.

Action and follow-up are not enough. During the implementation process, you will have some flows and challenges. What is in the paper might not be always noticed during the implementation journey. Therefore, continuous development will always be needed in any situation in life especially when we are dealing human race that is driven or impacted by emotions which is still a mystery to science.

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About Coach Fahad, Fahad Khalaf:

Fahad has over 21 years of corporate and professional experience in different industries from government, banking, hospitality, leisure, and entertainment. In addition to his hyper experience not only in HR but also in business operation, customer experience, and strategy management.

- Co-Founder of HR Learnin,

- Accredited Master Coach by IAPC&M,

- Certified Harrison Assessment Practitioner


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